Why become a Technology Broker or Agent?
Broker and Agent Levels
Become a Broker or Agent

Why become a Technology Broker or Agent?

Joining our network of technology brokers and agents is simple and is the first step to a new career. Full time, part time and associate broker and agent positions are possibilities for qualified technology professionals. The upsizing and downsizing of the technology sector occurs frequently. Many technology professionals want to establish a career in one company but this is often not available or realistic in the technology sector.

In fact, many technology brokers and agents, like their counterparts in the real estate industry, are able to have more fulfilling careers and flexible lifestyles by investing their time in developing a core group of clients who generate the majority of their income. Your expertise is highly valuable. We help you build your network of contacts so you can have extreme freedom over your technology career.

Like real estate brokers, you will be able to market yourself and innovative technologies to many organizations. If you are passionate about technology you will love being a technology broker or agent. As a technology broker or agent you are able to attain some of the largest performance fees available relative to other market sectors. These high fees are afforded because the skill set needed to sell technology is rare and can be highly complicated for the inexperienced.

Unlike the real estate sector with 3%-6% commissions, technology broker performance fees are typically much higher and are in the 15%-50% range. The Technology Brokers International Network finds the technology properties to list and you have the ability to market and sell the properties over and over.

In addition to new customer performance fees you often get annuity-based fees from repeat sales revenue generated from technology updates, services and hardware sales to your customer base. Lastly, Technology Brokers International has agreements with some technology companies to acquire options and stocks for brokers and agents. This can be an attractive incentive for selling Pre and Post IPO technologies.

The limits to generating revenue through technology adoption are set by you. If you qualify to be an agent you can access the technologies and generate performance fees for as long as you remain qualified.
If you qualify for a brokerage then you have the added ability to build your own business through a team of agents that work from your brokerage hub.


Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars setting up your own web site and email service. You can use our site!
The benefits are numerous. Independence from income streams that are generated from different technology sectors. This is a benefit because if one technology sector turns down there is always another sector that is turning up.

Telecom industries have had some very challenging years but some software sectors have surged during this downturn. The balance and stability over time is a high reward for some brokers and agents who have seen the dramatic technology downsizings of recent years.

We give our agents and brokers significant support so that they can create their own entrepreneurial based technology business.


Lifestyle is an important quality of life option for many people. Making large amounts of income is a strong motivation for many people who desire full time technology brokering. The possibility also exists for the broker or agent to schedule work into the style of life they choose to lead. This is difficult to achieve in a full time position at most technology companies.

Broker and Agent Levels

There are three levels of agents and brokers. Each has a different level of compensation and performance based fees. We want your experience. We want your integrity. We want you to succeed!

Level One
This is the first level position that lasts from 2 weeks to 2 years depending on a person's experience and performance. This is an exclusive performance fee based position. Fees vary but are typically in the 15% -30% range. Fees are determined by agreements between Technology Brokers International, Technology Companies, Brokers and/or Agents.
As a minimum you can use our web site and email as your business front. You will also be able to access many technology properties that you would be denied outside of Technology Brokers International. Click below to apply!

Level Two
Level two is a more senior position where brokers and agents are reimbursed for their ongoing expenses and can qualify for a "draw" salary plus performance fees. Performance fees are arranged similarly to Level One. Level Two has the added benefit of allowing brokers and agents to have access to promotional programs, fire-sale items, discounts on technology products for self-purchase and options and shares from participating technology companies. Level two also provides selected benefits for some health and insurance benefits. (Availability varies by Location but is expected to grow as our network grows.)

Level Three
Level Three is a senior broker or agent position. Senior brokers and agents are paid a full competitive salary and are assigned shares and/or options in Technology Brokers International and participating technology companies.

All levels are subject to change at the discretion of Technology Brokers International.