To become an agent or broker you will need to be qualified as a technology expert in specific technology sectors and in your designated field.

Agents typically must have 5-10 years of technology experience. Agents have permission and will be granted a license for the purpose of selling listed technology properties.

Brokers typically must have 10 or more years of industry experience. Brokers will be granted the right to build a base of agents in their designated location. Brokers will be qualified to grant licenses for to their agents. Brokers will have the right to list technology properties.

Applying to become a broker or agent requires a fully reimbursed initiation fee of $300 USD. This administration fee will be promptly and fully reimbursed on your first three sales of a listed technology or service from Technology Brokers International. Should you not qualify for a broker or agent position you will be reimbursed $300 USD less a $50 USD administration fee.
Brokers or agents who are recommended by current brokers and agents may not be required to pay initiation fees.

For $300 USD, you can use our web site, logo and email. To set up your own professional web site and email and to design a logo will cost you at least $2000 USD. Our intention is not to make a profit off this $300 fee. It is a value based fee that lets Technology Brokers International grow our network and ultimately lets us serve our technology customers and our brokers/agents by establishing thriving businesses in locations where none existed previously. Be a technology entrepreneur…Join Now!

Fees and services are subject to change at the full discretion of Technology Brokers International. Applications are selected and accepted at the full discretion of Technology Brokers International.

Please click the email link below to apply.
Please include a two page biography/resume that includes a list of technologies that you have ability to sell. A partial list can be found on our technology listing page.
Please specify if you want to apply for an agent or broker position.
Once payment is received, we will send you an email, Logo and include your biographical information on our web site.

If you are being recommended by another broker or agent, please identify the person with the appropriate contact information.